MOL PLC. - since 2012 have been continuously performing demolition work with the following contents:

  1. MOL Southern Region (Algyő, Kardoskút) - technological oil tanks, separators, heat exchangers, high-pressure steam boilers, boiler house buildings and their auxiliary buildings, depots, degassers, degassers, ammonia system, compressor, water tank, stabilizer tanks , on-site transportation, demolition, separate collection of different insulations, landscaping, grassing
  2. MOL NYRt West Region (Gellénháza, Ormándlak) - boiler room, pump house, technological oil tanks, liquid tanks, tank bases, relief pools, steam boilers, steam and condensation pipelines, technological engineering, oil technology pipelines, drainage ditches, treatment buildings, concrete slabs on-site transportation, dismantling, separate collection of different insulations, landscaping, grassing
  3. MOL NYRT, Ebes - 5, 50, 100, 200,1000, 2000, 5000 m3 underground (pylon) and above ground tanks, tank bases, pipelines and related fittings, structures, tanker filling, sims, concrete structures, dispatcher building interior instrumentation demolition, moving the land as needed, landscaping, grassing, planning
  4. MOL NYRt, Kára - Permanent demolition of high voltage electrical substation at section breaker and ferret switch station, demolition of reinforced concrete equipment bases, complete site recultivation
  5. MOL NYRt., Algyő, Kiskundorozsma, Tisza-Marosszög - selective collection, depositing, loading onto a transport vehicle of various hazardous and non-hazardous waste from demolition; extraction of contaminated soil; evaporation tank, degassing feed tank, oil tanks, steam condensation pipes, pipelines, steam boilers and accessories, storage building, glaze house, compressor color, concrete base, pylon tanks, cooling towers, heat exchangers, ammonia separator, vapor separator, gas vapor separator , demolition of compressors, measuring section gardens, demolition, breaking, depositing of concrete foundation bodies, concrete shafts, crushing, grinding, qualification of concrete fragments, replenishing, compacting, landscaping, grassing
  6. MOL PLC East Hungary Production Area (Demjén, Demjén-Andornaktálya, Eger) - Complete demolition, asbestos-containing small slate roofing, landfill, storage building, pump house, boiler house, gas receiving building, transformer housing, transformer housing, transformer housing, transformer housing - and pipelines, collection line color, compressor color, treatment color, ferret receiving color, demolition of cooling towers, asbestos removal, concrete foundation bodies, concrete shaft demolition, breaking, depositing, concrete debris crushing, grinding, concrete grading qualification, soil reclamation, compacting, compacting
  7. MOL PLC . East Hungary Production Hajdúszoboszló Stonework site dismantling, transportation, grinding of clean concrete - Torch water seal tank, decorative storage room, potable water cylinder, water softener filter tank, two-column water softener, water degreaser, demolition, breaking, depositing of concrete foundation bodies, concrete shafts, crushing, grinding of concrete debris, qualification of concrete fragments, replenishment of soil, compaction, landscaping, grassing.
  8. MOL PLC. Demolition of demolished industrial sites in Demjén, transportation, grinding of clean concrete - Complete demolition of asbestos-containing roof covering, landfill, Oil pumping station, Main collector (old manhole), old tank tank, water tank, water tank, water tank, tractor assembly workshop, spout maker, Sewer, plate oil trap, Sump basin, piston pump color, space lighting, lightning protection, Underground receiving tank, Underground rainwater collection tank, Gas receiving building, inlet line, DE tanks (12 m3, 20 m3, 50 m3) , demolition of containers, complete demolition of collection points, demolition, breaking, depositing of concrete foundation bodies, concrete shafts, crushing, grinding, qualification of concrete fragments, replenishing, compacting, landscaping, grassing.
  9. MOL PLC. Demolition, transport, deposit of unused industrial objects in Kisújszállás-West gas plant grinding of pure concrete - ammonia gas cooler, low pressure oil heater, ammonia droplet separators, complete ammonia gas cooler unit, oil pumps, ammonia cooling compressor, oil treatment tank, oil treatment tank, , high pressure oil heater, degasser, ammonia absorber tank, air coolers, cable network, ammonia space, evaporative condensers, cooling water tank, gas heater, heat pipe, boiler house main gas pipeline, gas boiler pipeline heater, gas boiler gas heater, Demolition, cracking, depositing of m3 fire water tanks, concrete foundation bodies, concrete shafts, crushing, grinding of concrete debris, qualification of concrete powders, backfilling mowing, landscaping, grassing.

  • Tauril Rubber Manufacturing and Trading Ltd.:
    • Steam pipe laying, construction, machine earthmoving
  • The Enying Reformed Church:
    • complete demolition of asbestos-containing slate roofing, production of asbestos-containing slate roofing from roof, loading into sealed container (Subcontractor-Main contractor: Alba - Top Kft.)
  • Monostorapáti
    • complete demolition of the real estate building, including concrete slabs with mechanical power and manual auxiliary work.Removal of construction debris to landfill (Subcontractor, Main contractor: ESTM)
  • UNIX AUTO Kft, Budapest, Soroksári út, Gubacsi út:
    • Demolition of office building, armory and elevator.Grinding of construction debris
  • APD Real Estate Kft, Budapest, Soroksári street Public slaughterhouse:
    • Demolition of asbestos-containing slate and corrugated roofing, removal of demolished waste to landfill, preparation of official permits (Work Plan, Risk Analysis, Demolition Technology, Occupational Safety and Health Plan)
  • Bridge renovation VI. 2017
    • Sajópüspöki Sajó Bridge reconstruction (superstructure replacement), bridge demolition, complete piling and rebuilding works (as a subcontractor-COLAS Transport Company Ltd. Main contractor)
  • Dég Festetics Castle Complex
    • partial internal and external demolition, complete dismantling of asbestos-containing slate roofing of the Castle complex, landfill, total demolition of tar roofs, landfill,
    • OSB - protection, removal of construction and demolition debris to landfill, landscaping (Subcontractor-FEHÉRÉP Kft.-Main contractor)
  • At LINDE's Százhalombatta site,
    • complete demolition of boiler house, removal of construction and demolition debris to landfill, landscaping
  • Demolition of Sajópüspöki, Sajó Bridge (As Subcontractor-Colas Transport Company Ltd.-General Contractor)
  • TAURIL Asset Management and Investment Ltd. - demolition, landscaping, earthmoving. Complete base filling with concrete grit, spreading, compacting, preparation for construction
  • Budakalászi Szent István Elementary School - Demolition of a complete asbestos-containing roof structure, multilayer bituminous tar pitched roofing demolition, slab demolition
  • DUNAFERR ZRT: II: Blast furnace demolition
  • DUNAFERR ZRT: Demolition of the reinforced concrete structure of 2 naphthalene fillers in a coking plant
  • INNO - COMP Kft. - Tiszaújváros MOL PLC. dusty swimming pool renovation
  • INNO - COMP Kft. - Tiszaújváros MOL PLC. Demolition and dismantling work on the extruder production line and associated equipment that was shut down in machine room 4
  • Ferihegy I. Terminal II: Dismantling and cutting of 1000 and 2000m3 kerosene tanks in Budapest. demolishing their snake
  • Vác Cement Factory: Demolition of heavily soiled tanks in Vác
  • Kecskemét Hősz Szolgáltató Kft. On Szultán Street: Demolition of Kecskemét, BW-500, BW-1000 boilers
  • Kecskemét Hősz Szolgáltató Kft .: Demolition of the technological system and equipment of the Kecskemét, Árpádváros heating plant
  • Bácsvíz Zrt: Dismantling of district heating pipes in Kecskemét, disused
  • Szekszárd Slaughterhouse: Demolition of Szekszárd, its internal cooling system, batteries
  • Budapest Machine Parts Factory: Demolition of self-propelled gantry cranes in Csepel, 400-600 tons
  • ZOLTEC Zrt: Demolition of Nyergesújfalu, Silk PYRON building, grinding of concrete debris, landscaping
  • Piszke Green Paper Ltd. / Piszke Paper Factory /: Demolition, bridge crane demolition, hanger system, demolition of settlers, demolition of boiler house building and piping systems, pipe snakes, dredging, landscaping
  • Zala Kerámia Zrt: Romiskos
  • Dorogi Waste Inc, Dorog: boiler demolition, superheat, demolition
  • Kecskemét GALFOOD Turkey Factory: Demolition of Kecskemét cooling system
  • MAGYAR SUGAR RT; Kaposvár, Petőháza: Professional dismantling of conveyor belts, dismantling of pipelines, tanks, dismantling of beet washing station
  • MESSER N 2 plant: Tiszaújváros, demolition of steel structure
  • Thermal power plant: Partial demolition of boiler number 5 in Pécs
  • ELCON Ltd., Budapest-Mechanical Works, Partial demolition of the galvanic plant, demolition of the rain canal, demolition of steel tanks in the sewage treatment plant, parking lot design, landscaping
  • Interspan Zrt: Vásárosnamény, mechanical breakdown
  • DUNAFERR: Dunaújváros, mechanical breakdown
  • 1300 barge breakdown
  • Demolition of crane cranes, press machines
  • Demolition of Attila József floating crane
  • LB-01 HSP barge breakdown