Our services

Our main activities:

  • demolition - we undertake demolition of buildings of any size. Be it a small home / office or a whole factory, industrial facility. For demolition work and demolition of tall buildings, we also have a proper machine park.
  • complex execution of large-scale earthworks and landscaping
  • reinforced concrete foundations and structures,
  • industrial facilities,
  • technological systems, equipment, tanks,
  • dismantling heat exchangers;
  • landscaping of industrial parks and other construction sites,
  • earthwork; development of rainwater and drainage ditches,
  • road construction preparation, landscaping
  • dredging and dredging of rivers and lakes
  • demolition of stadiums
  • The waste from the dismantling will be selected, cut and, on request, minced to size, ground and transported by agreement.
  • Demolition works with autogenous equipment and a suitable machine fleet for that job

BELLO BREAKING Kft. Can carry out any minor or major demolition work independently in Hungary and abroad with the best references and the best professional knowledge and routine.

We can march to the various demolition jobs with the right number of people.

Our company has:

  • Construction contractors with demolition permit
  • waste pre-treatment and waste collection permit
  • with environmental permit
  • TÜV Rheinland CERTIFICATE - for on-site technological installations, dismantling of pressure tanks, pipelines for storage of hazardous liquids and melts
  • Has a 63 million HUF demolition liability insurance, - liability insurance, - service, - service, - environmental pollution, - machine damage
  • 90 million HUF contractor liability insurance
  • With senior officers' liability insurance
  • MSZ EN 9001: 2015 certification - Specializing in demolition of asbestos-containing materials (asbestos removal works)
  • MSZ EN 14001: 2015 certification - Specializing in demolition of asbestos-containing materials (asbestos removal works)
  • Sicherheits Certifikat Contraktoren (SCC) Certified - Specialized in Rb (Explosion Danger) Zones, Areas for Critical Machine, Manual Demolition, Critical Machine Lifting