Professionaldemolition of buildings
Budapest and its surroundings as well as
the whole demolition of concrete structures,
industrial facilities, smaller and larger buildings,
detached houses, condominiums,
asbestos removal work.

Bello Breaking Kft.

Our company, Bello Breaking Kft. Has several decades of professional experience and experience in demolition of buildings and concrete structures, as well as in mechanical earthworks. We also undertake demolition of industrial facilities, large machines, complete factories, and landscaping after demolition as well as asbestos removal from buildings, factories and roofs.

Our main services are:

  • Budapest and its surroundings
  • Nógrád county (our branch is located in Bátonyterenye. In Salgótarján and its surroundings, we undertake mechanical earthworks, demolition)

We are also waiting for your order from all over the country (the cost of the procession is borne by the customer)

During the demolitions, we take drone shots and photo documentation.

Our machine park is constantly developing the tools needed for flame cutting and cold cutting. We would like to highlight the demolition work of reinforced concrete buildings with our demolition machine and the pulsation of demolished materials. Cutting and then separate selection of scrap metal from building demolition and grinding of concrete debris to different sizes.

Requests for various demolition works are greatly appreciated. We can give you an exact quote after a meeting and an on-site survey. Feel free to contact us for a quote!

BELLO BREAKING Ltd. has the following licenses:

  1. Waste Management Permit - national trade and collection of non-hazardous waste
    Registration number: 797 / 2KER / 2015.

  1. Waste Management Permit - National pre-treatment of non-hazardous waste
    PE / RTD / 852-9 / 2016th

  1. TÜV Rheinland CERTIFICATE - On-site technological installation of pressure vessels, pipelines for storage of hazardous liquids and melts 11/94 15 1148

  1. Sicherheits Certifikat Contraktoren (SCC) certifications (for asbestos demolition work, asbestos removal work)

  1. MSZ EN 9001: 2015 certification (for demolition of asbestos-containing materials, asbestos removal works)

  1. Certification MSZ EN 14001: 2015 (for demolition of asbestos-containing materials, asbestos removal works)

FAQ : 102903360

KTJ: 101862803

VPID: HU 0026173997

CSO ID code: 23548691-4311-113-01


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